[service icon=”tachometer” title=”MyGamerPad Dashboard”]A unique partner dashboard with the tools to manage and grow your channel.[/service]
[service icon=”check” title=”Creative Team”]Let our graphics art team design your avatar, banner, etc …[/service]
[service icon=”music” title=”Monetizeable Audio Library”]500K+ tracks for you to add to your videos and still monetize.[/service]
[service icon=”users” title=”Collaboration Hub”]Join with other MGP Partners to collaborate and grow together.[/service]
[service icon=”ticket” title=”Support Desk”]Enter a ticket through email or the dashboard.[/service]
[service icon=”bullhorn” title=”Partner Promotion”]Our Social Media team will promote your content via our Social Media Campaign and Events[/service]
[service icon=”rocket” title=”Sponsorship”]We have some sponsorships and more are coming![/service]