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Joe Montana 16 - Answering Our Calls for Competition or Dropping The Ball?

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Unless you have been living under a rock recently and especially this week, there has been a refreshed hope of a new light on the horizon for football gamers. So many have called for years now for the return of competition for Madden in the football gaming arena.Mainly because of EA's lack of improvements to the series that feels like one step forward and 3 steps back.Now it seems , there is a new hope that may be coming , but only time will tell. At this time no concrete info is out there , other than there will be a Joe Montana 16 .However what it will be played on , is still a mystery.


   So it all started around June 2014 with this picture above and a couple of #'s for go along with it - #youvewaitedlongenough and #morethanarosterupdate  posted by Joe Montana himself on twitter.Later a video of some motion cap they recorded in action last year https://twitter.com/...049532036710400,  .So that tells us this has been in the works for over a year now at the very least of . It could be possible its been in the works for 2 years or more, since Joe said publicly that he wanted to make a competitor football game to madden.At that time, he was already working with a dev who is helping him with this game , on another project at that time. So it could be , this game has been in the works that whole time. No one really knows, a reoccuring theme if you search and try to find anything out on this game right now. Alot of speculation. What is known, is Joe had in mind he wanted to get back into the video game realm and wanted to take a shot at being Maddens competition. 

   So then there was this gif of a player head model by the dev [twitter]@damongrow[/twitter] BetterReadyIndianjackal.gif


   So its clear, a football game is in the works. With Joe Montana tied to it. First thing we all want to know is , what is it coming out on? The dev has been quoted as saying its "not just on PC".However that is all we have heard about platforms it will be on. Then there was what is being referred to as "the post" on Operation Sports by an anonymous poster there, who just joined ,and is his only post ever there, as well as none since. I will link his individual post , its to long to post here ( http://www.operation...76&postcount=94 ). In this he makes numerous claims, that this is a NFL game, made by Mircosoft (1st party , see post for his claim there) and that 2k is involved . This post caught like wildfire and went from 13 page thread to 153 page thread in 13 days before it was closed.The poster's name was MisterFootballSF - which some have speculated was Joe himself. Many think "the post" IF true , was a marketing ploy, as they have done all their marketing thus far , thru social media and it seems to be paying off well and really is not costing them a dime.


   Then earlier this week, a screen shot appears, on Joe's twitter 23m9dv9.jpg

This tweet said : "It just got unreal @unrealenginge #JoeMontanaFootball16 ". The main thing we know we can take from this, its going to be run on the Unreal 4 Engine. Most say , by looking at the uniforms, seems not to be an NFL game, thus debunking "the post" .Others say maybe this is a mode like HOF and fake team names for that, or they just cant show the NFL part yet as maybe Microsoft is waiting to drop that info at E3. The speculation at this point is all across the board. So many "possibilities". One thing for sure , at this point , the start of "the post" seems very true, they have a plan , to very slowly release info on this game. This so far is proving true. Will the rest?  One thing is for sure, the marketing ploy thus far is working.This is a hot topic in many forums and in the sim community at large. Word is spreading like a wildfire thru a forrest and its all coming at such a tiny cost, if any. 


    One thing that has also been said by the Damon , that really has the Sim community really excited about is the fact he said that "we like to say that franchise is the "soul"of our product... in dev speak of course". That is where they can hit Madden hard, its weak spot. Madden for so long has really not put forth the effort into Franchise mode. Its clearly too focused on its money making MUT. Some want to blame the people at the top, saying they wont give the man power or money to franchise mode. Doesn't really matter what the issue is there, its a clear one. Also if the top people wont give up the money to put into franchise mode before , why should we think they will now? If you aim to take down a giant , you have to hit them where they are weak, Franchise mode is clearly the place. Its the place for most of the frustration that comes at Madden comes from, those who play Franchise mode. The dev claims thats the focus of this game. If so , it stands a good chance if the gameplay plays well and its franchise mode is a good one .


  This leads me to my take on all this, while there is much speculation about it , there are some known things at the moment. If this game plans to succeed in its first year and continue the next , i see a few possible routes here. If the rumor is true and it is exclusive to Xbox 1 and PC, it will have to be a NFL game. Why you ask? If it is exclusive to Xbox1 and PC, it will already be cutting down on some potential sales and alot of people with PS4s will not run out and buy a XBOX1 just for 1 game. It just wont happen. Sure some will, but a larger majority will not.So it would need to be a NFL game to sell alot on just one console. Which is what leads me to the next thing. Many have said ,if its not a NFL game they will not buy it. This is why if it is not a NFL game , it will have to come out on all platforms in order to do well. While some wont buy it on both consoles due to not being NFL, you will have gained alot more PS4 players who will buy it that way, than you would have gained from PS4 owners buying a XBOX1 just to play it being a NFL game. Personally , being a PS4 owner i hope for the latter. Id much rather have a good gameplay and good franchise mode over having team names and player names any day of the week. After all they are just names. Not to mention , ive seen many Madden players this year happy with the draft classes and trying to build and use those players and last i checked, none of them are real NFL players. Which leads me to the conclusion that the names dont make it fun, the use and building of the players and teams is the real fun part of online Franchises. 


  At this time alot remains a mystery, probably how they want it to , to keep people talking about it . Its great advertising after all and its free. The marketing of this so far has been really good ,even though many of us would prefer the info we desire right now, keeping us wondering is really drawing that much more attention to it. You may google Joe Montana Football 16 , but i will tell you , while you will find alot of articles written on it , be sure to note, most are using "the post" as truth and its not been proven nor confirmed in any way yet. So really most are just grasping for straws at this point to have a story. There is a story here, and its either going to turn out good or bad. We can only hope at this point it turns out good, but my advice, dont believe anything you read, unless its from Joe or Damon at this point. You may follow them both is my advice [twitter]JoeMontana[/twitter] and [twitter]DamonGrow[/twitter] . Consider them your only reliable sources at this point , and lets all hope this turns out to be a good game,and welcome back competition into the football gaming world. If nothing more to make EA big wigs to stop being so causal about the game and get back into funding franchise mode more and improving it at a better rate. No reason it still should be behind 2k5  a decade later with an even more powerful system.Here is to hope on the horizon! Lets hope it lives up to the hype! 



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Another great post!! Thanks for the info and your thoughts.

I will support this 100%. That means buying the necessary hardward (XBOX1) and the game. Even if it means paying more for it than the next 'Madden'. I would gladly pay $79.99 for it. Even if it didn't have any NFL association. As I have said before, EA is not going to get any more money from me.

Keep us posted.
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Nice post indeed and o have been following this. I even read the thread made by said guy....its a great way to market a football game as you have stated before. This game will die if it not on all platforms .....plain and simple, die. I'm like everyone else, I hope its true and I hope it comes on the ps4 , for I will purchase it. Unlike rave fan regardless I'll also buy madden next year. Its like tradition......lol




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Thanks guys, and i agree with ya snake.i honestly believe if not on all consoles/platforms, its dead in the water. Only way it stands any chance if just on xbox1 and pc, is if its NFL liscenced . They could potentially gain alot of last gen'ers who havent upgraded to current gen yet, and that may make them upgrade to xbox if so . That i could see , since they surely aint spending money on marketing. I hope its not though, cause ive already upgraded and not buying a new system for 1 game ,as many wont. Just to costly. So i see it has to be one of the two ways i posted above if they want it to do well enough to make a jm17 and compete. 


Now on another front, just yesterday , Joe Montana made yet another post, that frankly kinda makes me sad. Here is what he said "WOW i forgot how beautiful Seattle is when the sun is out. Never been on a Microsoft campus before, this place is HUGE " https://twitter.com/...099492123127809


The reason this makes me sad is, i just dont see that as a random post for his fans..... Its marketing to me, and it really , leans me towards , this game is an xbox /pc exclusive. I think the reason they are not saying now , is Microsoft is making them not say , cause they wanna drop this bomb at E3 . I hope im wrong , really wrong, but he didnt post that just to post it, he coulda left out that last sentence about being on a microsoft campus , but put it there, as a bread crumb. So they best hope its NFL game if that is the case. Ill be sad having to watch people stream a better game than i get to play for football if so. 

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