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The Blitz

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Happy New Year guys .....from a newbie to Madden 12 PS3 whats the best way to avoid the Blitz assume you know its coming :)



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Make a quick decision to get the ball to your hot read.

If you do not have a pre-snap hot read, you are doing it wrong!

When someone comes to the line and is showing blitz (8-in-the box, press coverage on the outside, etc.), then you need to know YOUR play called and what you are going to be looking for against 3 main things - man defense, zone defense, or pressure.

Most of these things can be read before the ball is ever snapped. FInd and watch Kobra's excellent video for earlier in the Madden 12 season on tips for reading man and zone. It is well done and hits all the highlights to make an improvement in your game.

Specifically against the blitz: 1) do NOT try to make multiple reads or roll the QB one way or another (unless you know how to use a fast QB like Vick very well). Realize that against a lot of blitzes, if you are patient and calm they are easily beaten. 2) learn how to HOT ROUTE inside receivers to short routes - slants, ins and outs and 3) try to have a RB in the flats as an outlet.

Take the snap and on the first step of the QB drop identify the pressure...this takes practice and time to develop. Once you know whether the blitz is picked up or coming free you have to make a decision before the QB finishes the second step...you are either throwing hot or you are going to take that third step and stay in the pocket for a second. If the blitz is coming free you MAY still have to eat the ball and take the sack - remember its always better to punt and play defense than it is to force a bad throw and take an INT or pick 6! THAT is probably what screws up most people when facing pressure. I do it all the time and I have been playing Madden for 25 years and online for 10+ years now. It is better to take a sack than force a throw...the sooner and more completely you internalize that reality, the better your overall results will be!

Hitting the "hot receiver" is really a matter or identifying the coverage behind the blitz...some zones have DL dropping into hook zones and taking away a quickly thrown slant or in route and others have CBs that will drop into the flats and take away out routes. Quick hook routes are an option for a hot read as well, but usually work best against man defense or in the hole of a zone.

You are going to have to make decisions very fast to avoid sacks, sometimes you literally have less than a second to process the formation, the blitz, the coverage and the target before you either must throw or eat the ball. Go into practice mode and run plays against the CPU - set the CPU to run a specific blitz and watch what happens in the replays. Its a good start, but the real "secret" is to spend the time necessary to get better...there is no easy way to do it right.

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